Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, your clock needs regular    
service.  If regular maintenance is not performed a major overhaul may be
needed at some point in the future to restore your clock to proper working  

  • Has your clock been oiled in the past 5 years?
  • Is your clock losing or gaining time?
  • Does it strike properly?
  • Does it stop running before it should?
  • Are critical parts missing or broken?

Quick Turnaround Time For Repairs
Most repairs can be completed within 6 to 8 weeks.

Why Have Your Clock Repaired By A Master Clockmaker?
To ensure that it will be serviced by the standards set by the American  
Watchmaker & Clockmaker Institute.

  • To maintain it's monetary and sentimental value
  • To have servicing of repairs done in a timely manner with a one or two year
    warranty on service
  • To provide many years of faithful and reliable operation of your family heirloom

We Repair Most Types of Clocks From Leading  

  • Antique Clocks from Ansonia, E. Howard, Elmer Stennes, E. N. Welch, Gilbert,
    Ingraham, Kroeber, New Haven, Plymouth, Seth Thomas, Sessions, Waltham,
    Waterbury and others.

  • Modern clocks from Baldwin, Elgin, Ethan Allan, Hamilton, Howard Miller,
    Mason & Sullivan, New England Clock Co., Ridgeway, Seth Thomas, Sligh,
    Wuersch and others.

  • Ship's Bell Clocks from Boston, Chelsea, Schatz Royal Mariner, Seth Thomas
    and others.

  • Cuckoo Clocks from Herr, Hoenes, Koma, Schmeckenbecker, Schneider,
    Triberg and others.

  • French, English, Tubular Chime and Bell Strike Carriage from
old line makers such as Simon Willard, Edward East, Eardley Norton and
many others.

We make house calls within the DC Metro area for grandfather clocks from   
Baldwin, Colonial, Emporer, Ethan Allan, Howard Miller, King Arthur, Mason   
& Sullivan, & New England Clock Co., Ridgeway, Seth Thomas, Sligh,   
Wuersch and most other companies.

We also service antique and modern mantel clocks, ship's bell clocks,
cuckoo clocks, battery-powered clocks, 400 day clocks, 31 day clocks and  
antique and modern banjo, schoolhouse regulator clocks and other  

We will repair your clock through the mail if you are not local to the
Washington, DC metro area.  Please contact us for additional details on
shipping for repairs outside the Washington, DC metro area.  All repairs are
quoted on an individual basis after we inspect  
your clock.  Costs include all required parts and labor.  We accept cash,
checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Please feel free to ask our professionals any questions you have
concerning repairs for your clock.  Contact us at

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Herschede Westminster Tubular Chime Grandfather Movement, Circa 1920

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